Augmenting doctors
with Artificial Intelligence

Improving Physicians' workflow


We are developing highly sensitive algorithms to assist radiologists in their diagnostics. We create a safety net for physicians.


Our deep learning technology can detect abnormalities in less than 0.2 seconds. Thereby physicians can dedicate more resources to life-threatening exams.


Our solution has been created with and for radiologists. Our technologies are truly and fully integrated into physicians' workflow.


AZmed creates deep learning technologies that allow doctors to reduce medical errors and save time, by helping them analyze medical images. Our solution can spot any abnormality such as a fracture, on any X-rays, at any time, in less than a second.

AZmed has developed Rayvolve, an AI software that detects all types of bone lesions on standard radiographs to make the radiologist save time and precision. Rayvolve is a CE certified service as a software and is fully integrated into the radiologist's workflow.

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Our Passionate Team

Team Member

Alexandre Attia

Co-Founder - CTO
Team Member

Guillaume Fradet

Deep Learning researcher
Team Member

Allwyn Joseph

Deep Learning researcher

Team Member

Ramy Kader

Deep Learning researcher
Team Member

Robin Khatri

Deep Learning researcher
Team Member

Barthélémy Leveque

Software Engineer

Team Member

Patricia Massako

QARA Manager
Team Member

Benjamin Melloul

Marketing and Communication Analyst
Team Member

Sarah Mezghani

Medical Consultant

Team Member

Raphaël Routier

Head of Partnerships
Team Member

Nisal Upendra

Software Engineer
Team Member

Julien Vidal

Co-Founder - CEO

Team Member

Elie Zerbib-Attal

Co-Founder - CMO

Our partners

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Our Strengths

Patient first

The mission of our medical professionals and data scientists is to improve patient outcomes by using data to their maximum potential.


Every time a doctor makes a diagnosis, they are solving a complex data problem. AZmed’s goal is to help them solve it quicker and more accurate.

Deep Learning

Our convolutional neural network technologies are inspired by the human brain to analyze large datasets to automatically discover underlying patterns.


AZmed's technology reviews thousands of images to automatically learn how to identify different pathologies without any human intervention.

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