Our Team

Julien Vidal

Co-Founder - CEO

Alexandre Attia

Co-Founder - CTO

Dr Elie Zerbib-Attal

Co-Founder - CMO

Bastien Manceau

Head of Sales

Benjamin Melloul

Head of Customer Success

Liza Alem

Head of Marketing & Communication

Christelle Baille

Head of QARA

Kinda Chagouri

International Sales Manager

Alexis Guignard

International Partnerships Development

Sirine Nafti

International Sales Manager

Victoria Gallicot

Customer Success Associate

Leonie Thomas

Marketing Associate

Guillaume Fradet

Deep Learning Researcher

Allwyn Joseph

Deep Learning Researcher

Samuel Halimi

Deep Learning Researcher

David Seroussi

Deep Learning Researcher

Saifeddine Barkia

Deep Learning Researcher

Jarek Ecke

Deep Learning Researcher

Nisal Upendra

Software Engineer

Barthélémy Leveque

Software Engineer

Alexandre Garot

Operations and Support Engineer

Antoine Loubières

Software Engineer

Our Mission

Our vision is driven by serving physician needs and optimizing patient care. We make sure to build technologies that are actually responding to major pain points in our healthcare systems.
Our job is to make sure physicians spend enough time on what matters the most: the patient.
Julien Vidal
Co - founder CEO

Our Story

We founded AZmed in 2018 with one aim: optimizing physicians workflow and “augmenting” them with Artificial Intelligence.
We bring together medical and technical expertise to shape the most relevant solutions and contribute to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence applications in the medical imaging field.

We are a multicultural and dedicated team, operating in multiple continents, in a welcoming and comfortable workspace.

We aim to let a positive impact on society and this vision is also supported by an important associative commitment.

Each member of our team can be involved in an associative project and develop their skills, particularly in terms of adaptability, agility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Values

Those values have been identified and settled by all the team itself. They have been created thanks to all the persons who have worked here. They are now part of who we are, and are thus subject to evolve.
Continuous improvement
We debate, challenge ourselves and give each other continuous feedback, it helps us stay objective and not rely on our laurels. We consider that hiring someone is not growing the company up, but the fact that they learn, progress and evolve within the company does.
The point is not to be tremendous at times, and not up to the task at some others: it is to deliver something good, consistently. Teams are structured in a way that every single person can be essential to the company; it is up to you to use your independency and autonomy as you want, to get things done.
We build our vision & objectives thanks to the diversity of our experiences. We focus on our teammates’ skills, and are not here to make judgment; it turns out to be a good way to create collective emulation. We are here to help patients, doctors and our teammates; it makes us happy.

Life at AZmed

Team culture could be hard to describe, only the team can tell.
Here are some photos and videos to give you a sens of the day to day